I joined TalkTalk as a digital designer under a program called "Consumer Revolution". This program consisted of creating a better experience and service for the telecom's customers.

This has been one of the biggest challenges I've ever faced in my life - but the results have been incredibly rewarding.

We started as a team of nearly 20 designers (Graphic, UI & UX) and in 2 years we've managed to revamp (almost) the entire website into a fully responsive experience.
We worked with users to fix their biggest pains by doing as much research and design enhancements as we could, while handling all the complexity that a big design at scale piece like this involves (e.g. stakeholder management, technical limitations, etc.). We were also tasked with the rebrand of the website, which was a really challenging and demanding task to handle in parallel to the big piece of work we had on our hands.

A big part of developing the new online experience involved working collaboratively with the design team to create and implement a responsive pattern library that we could use not only within the company, but also with external agencies - to ensure the quality and consistency of our design patterns.

In the background, our team always a kept a fresh "Blue sky" stream where we would 
research and design more ambitious features to help define a roadmap for the future.
My main focus in the team has always been the "My Account" experience, which is essentially the UI that is presented to a customer after the login. 

We wanted to keep the existing functionality while creating a new experience that would make it easier for an existing customer to manage their account: seeing their package, bills, usage, managing preferences and getting the best deals.

To do this, we've developed three personas based on interviews with real customers we had previously led.
For half a year I worked in a scrum together with other UX and UI designers, BA's, product owners and developers to develop what would become the first iteration of this experience. 

To ensure that we'd deliver the best experience we could within the time constraints, we resorted to methodologies such as design sprints, lean UX and UI techniques, guerilla testing and overall embraced an agile way of working.
However, as happens in most companies, my role expanded to include more projects than my initial focus. 

The company changed the product proposition and wanted an interface that would reflect that. So I was asked to take part in designing the new Sales experience - the journey a customer takes when buying a product from TalkTalk.
Another example of an interesting task I was assigned to was "My Desk" - a platform designed for agents to manage their calls and to get access to customers cases and information while they are on the phone with them.
This one came with a couple of additional challenges since most of the team was based in a different building and there was lot of work put into understanding the agent workflow.

The main goal was to improve the experience without disrupting the existing one but, at the same time, we wanted to evolve from a very complex, technical experience to an intuitive, friendly one.

A lot of this work is unfortunately protected by confidentiality, so I can't disclose the details of my work in a public URL. However, I hope this will give you a nice overview of the work we've done in the last couple of years. It's been a hell of a ride!
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